Soul Alignment Accelerator

A 6 month mentorship program to increase your income, impact and align you with your soul’s purpose.

I'm ready to find my purpose

You know...

That you were meant to create an impact, and you’re doing that, but you are also hitting burn out more than you’d like to admit and your business as much as it’s fulfilling it’s taking it’s toll on you.

The strategy, and you have the systems, but what you want is to actually feel freedom within your business. You want to feel creative and innovative again instead of just going through the motions.

In 2019 people paid 57.7 million dollars to go to a concert, to literally be in someone's energy.

The self development industry used to be thought of as woo-woo and that people would never pay for that and now it it estimated to grow 13 BILLION dollars by 2022, again people just paying to be inspired, to feel someone's energy and learn from their experiences.

This is the kind of impact you know is meant for you but you know what you are doing currently isn't going to work long term.

What if...

You released the ideas that you had to work more hours for more money and instead became a magnet for money and soulmate clients?

You created systems and scheduled that you worked when you were creative, rested OFTEN, took vacations and your business was still making you money in the background?

You were known as the authority in your field and opportunities were knocking at your door just to be in your energy and soak in all that you had to offer?

I'm ready to get started getting paid abundantly for my gifts.

and I am

an Energy Healer and Business Mentor. 


Hi there, my name is

I've been in the entrepreneurship space for 10 years. 

I have helped entrepreneurs from all over the world align their energy so that become magnets for money, soulmate clients, and opportunities. I started in the cosmetology world and after having success and 6 figures coming in within the 1st year of business I had to grow my team.

My success there continued and I started an online business which did well at first too, but every time I hit some milestones in business I would then begin to notice it was unsustainable. 

During this time I began doing healing work and when I began to implement this into mine and my clients life is when things really started to shift.

This is when I began to work intimately with Energy and Entrepreneurship and how to once you align your chakra system and align your energetic body then success, abundance and ease all begins to flow to you.  

This is how I’ve helped my clients accrue insane results, not by more more hours but more alignment, more high vibe and releasing all the versions of themselves that does not support their evolution into their highest selves.

I'm ready to have this kind of massive transformation!

Visualize this...

You are launching a product you are more excited about than you ever have been. People are already signed up on a waitlist and as soon as it is released within 3 days it’s sold out and the people who didn't sign up put themselves on a waitlist for the NEXT time you launch it (hello, guaranteed income).

You are on vacation with your family and because you have a team that supports you and systems in place, your business is making money while you take surf lessons. Your passive course is a money maker and actually gets people in the door to working with you and they even write rave reviews.

You have incredible 1:1 clients, just a few that you are so excited to mentor and help and every time their contract is finished, not only did they receive MASSIVE growth and transformation, but they are ready to renew with you and PAY IN FULL. You have a constant inflow of income from soul mate clients.



Sounds like a

All of this is possible with my Soul Alignment Accelerator!

Soul Alignment Accelerator

A 6 month mentorship program to increase your income, impact and align you with your soul’s purpose.

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Here's what you'll get when you enroll!

1 Healing session every single month to clear out any low vibrational beliefs that is holding you back from being the highest version of yourself in life and business.

3 Soulful strategy Sessions a month to then go in and implement habits in your life and business to support you in new higher vibration so that you can attract the soulmate clients, income and impact that you know you are made to have.

Voxer access to me so that I can support you when the triggers come up because having someone in your corner as your biggest cheerleader helps you hold that higher vibration.

Unlimited Access to all my courses for life to support you in your business, raising your vibration throughout your life, upleveling your business at any time.

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Read what my

are saying:


“Biggest takeaway from the Soul-FULL Embodiment School is Honoring what comes up through my body/energy. I love how quantum physics are interwoven through this course, truly speaks to my mind.”

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Enroll now for $7,800

Your purchase includes: Monthly healing sessions ($988 value); 3 Soulful Strategy sessions a month ($5,328 value); Unlimited Weekday Voxer access to me ($3,000 value); Access to other courses for life ($7,942 value)…bringing this to a total value of $17,258

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This is for you if:

You have tried all the strategy and yes it works, kind of, you’re tired of feeling like the only way to get ahead is to work more hours and put in more sweat equity. You’re ready to allow you energy to speak for itself and have people knowing at your door to work with you.

You have gotten to where you are by giving friends and family discounts but you know that you can't sustain business like this, nor does it make you feel excited and creative. You’re ready to not only get paid in full, but get paid abundantly for your services and take back your energy.

You are ready to have residual income every month, to have a business that is fully functional without you having to wear all the hats EVERY SINGLE DAY! That is profitable even when you sleep.

This is not for you if:

If you consume all the free content and it’s working really well for you, your business continues to hit 6 and 7 figures from just watching masterclasses.

If you have hired a team that completely supports you and you only really need to serve clients right now. Most of your systems and content is handled by your team.

If you are selling out events and having 100 people on your waitlist to work with you or just be in your energy.



Here's the

You are meant to create MASSIVE impact on others, you have this desire to grow your business and there are people out there that want to work with someone just like you. You are doing them a disservice by not growing to your potential.

The Soul Alignment Accelerator is the program that creates the opportunity for you to do all of these things and get paid for your talents!

I'm ready to go all in!

Read what my

are saying:


“Just do it! I waited longer than I wanted to to start working on both my business and healing because I always had some reason. Money, time, can I juggle it all? What if I don’t get results? You want an excuse, I had it. When I started working with Shalane in this program though within a week I was already getting traction with potential clients and was approached with a huge opportunity just 2 days after my healing session. Not to mention how different I feel about myself and my life, even my relationship with my husband is getting better. I know now that everything is always working out in my favor!”

Makenzie Fly


What if I don’t live close? Can we still do healing work?

Yes, energy is never created or destroyed so I am able to tap into your energetic body despite any distance.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I offer monthly payment plans, however there is a discount if you decide to pay in full.

Do we cover specific things each week or month?

I meet you were you are at. What does your business need? That's what we focus on!

Do you build a website with this?

No, I do not build out a website for you but I can guide you in the process if you are creating your own or can recommend someone who is a website designer to help you.

What if I feel like I need more strategy help but it's a healing session week - can I switch them?

Absolutely, I want to make sure you feel supported throughout the entire 6 months.

What are the expected income and business growth after 6 months?

Every person is different. Every business is different. Every person’s determination and devotion to growth is different. Your results are a combination of all these things during our time together. I've had people replace their income and quit their 9-5 and people who have hit 6 figures. Anything is possible, you just have to get yourself in the energy to receive it ;)

Do I get access to any other course while we work together?

Sure do, you get lifetime access to all the other programs I am currently offering. 

What if I decide I dont want to follow through on my business while we work together?

Because of the nature of the unlimited access to materials this course is non-refundable. However, your healing sessions you have a full year to use if you wish to spread them out.