Soul-FULL Embodiment School

A DIY Chakra healing course to help you heal the beliefs that have been the root of you struggles and get you started creating your dream life.

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Have you been...

Feeling frustrated with the patterns that keep showing up in your life whether that be constantly picking a bad partner, financial struggles, physical pain, or emotional turmoil?

Realizing something needs to change because you can't imagine living your whole life like this, but it has to be something that goes beyond just changing habits?

Avoiding the knowledge that in order for your life to change you have to heal what was going on internally, and get to the root of your struggle?




stop feeling emotionally and physically drained

feel like you know who you are

feel fulfilled and like you're following your life’s purpose

not feel dependent on others or a substance to feel happy

navigate your emotions without going into a tail spin

But that little         inside
your head keeps saying...

I just feel like I keep ending up in the same place. I feel good for a bit but then _____ happens and I’m triggered again and feel the anger and flare ups coming back.

I have tried all sorts of things and I keep being told that nothing is wrong but I have these weird pains (or an autoimmune disease) and there’s nothing I can do. I want to feel better and not just sometimes.


I feel like my picker is broken. Every single person is the same, making me think they want more than a physical relationship, but nope. I want someone who loves all parts of me.

I make great money but my job sucks the life out of me. I dread Mondays! I don’t want it to be like this for the rest of my life. I want to create a life that I actually enjoy AND make good money!

Yes, this sounds like me!

and I am

an Energy Healer and Business Mentor. 


Hi there, my name is

I've been in the entrepreneurship space for 10 years. 

When I first began I was a struggling single mom, overweight, drinking on the weekends to feel like I could let go and relax and then overworking during the week to provide for my family. No matter what I did, no matter how much money I made I never felt fulfilled or like I was good enough.

I began to do research and implement healing work on myself. I really didn't know what I was doing but just followed the next nudge (hello, intuition) that felt right.

Fast forward to many years later and I have completely transitioned into helping others heal their energetic bodies so they can create a life in alignment with their highest selves.

compilation of

I wish I 

all the things

The Soul-FULL Embodiment school is a

would have know in the beginning of my healing journey because I still use
all of these practices today with my clients because of how well they work!

I'm ready to ascend on my healing journey

Imagine if...

You woke up and there were no more phantom pains? And if you noticed anything come up you weren't triggered into a tailspin and let it ruin your day or week?

When you met someone for a date you would trust yourself to make the right decisions and speak up for exactly what you want out of the relationship which is bringing in a completely different kind of partner? One that you are so turned on by and makes you feel safe?

You woke up everyday to a job that made you feel so excited because you decided to stop living in fear and go after this dream and it had led you into this space were you feel fulfilled and free?

Your day-to-day involved practices that made you feel energized and nurtured on a soul level. You said yes to things that make you feel creative and you no longer say yes to “asks” of you that you know you really want to say no to.



Sounds like a

These are exactly how some past Soul-Full Embodiment Students have felt. This DIY course is not only a go at your own pace, but you can revisit it anytime you are feeling off.

Soul-FULL Embodiment School

An 8 module program that will create more joy, ease and pressure in all aspects of your life.

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introducing the

Here's what you'll get
when you enroll!

Videos for each chakra that explain how to notice an imbalance in each chakra whether it is blocked or its leaking energy and also how to create balance. This covers all aspects of your life: energetic, emotional, physical, relational and business.

Chakra activations, and meditations with specific words to activate and balance that chakra.

Phone wallpaper affirmations for each chakra so depending on what you need you can switch them out at any time.

Yoga flows to balance your chakras. Standing and floor options depending your preference.

A tool kit for each chakra with recommendations for different stones to work with, energetic practices to keep your body in balance, as well as specific yoga postures you can add into their practices to increase the energy in that particular chakra.

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Read what my

are saying:


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Your purchase includes modules for each chakra that include videos breaking down exactly how each chakra affects your life, affirmation phone wallpapers, chakra activations, yoga flows, and a tool kit to equip you with all of the tools to keep your energy in alignment on the daily.

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Do I have lifetime access?

Yes, healing is a continuous journey so I want you to feel like you always have your own best healing tool in your back pocket.

Are there any personal healing sessions with this?

No, this is a program where you get to self discover and then implement what you need, when you need it.

Do I need to do everything in the program in order? 

No or Yes. Listen to what feels right for you. If a chakra jumps out at you start there if not just start with the first module and work your way through. You can’t do it wrong.

Is this for me if I am a healer or reiki practitioner?

Possibly, Some of the information you may already know but I have found that I take something new away from every training I’ve ever participated in.

Can I do other healing practices with this?

Absolutely, This is going to help you understand your chakras and energetic body better and will give you access to healing tools & practices you can use for life. It will not disrupt any other healing practices.

What's your refund policy?

Due to the instant access of all information there are no refunds available… don't think about what you're already not going to get from this program ;)