Energetics of Entrepreneurship

Are you ready to raise your vibration, heal what’s been holding you back and build a business that’s aligned with you soul’s purpose and get paid for your gifts?

I'm ready to raise my vibration

Have you been...

Feeling frustrated when it comes to starting your own business? Feeling like every idea that pops into you head is epic but then as you start to work on it it loses it sparkle and you start to doubt yourself?

In business for a hot minute and as much as you are trying you can't seem to be consistent. It’s showing in your sales, the interest of other people in your offers, and how you are showing up for your business. 

Doing all the strategy and implementing all the “things” but nothing really seems to change, and you think that maybe you aren't cut out for this?


You want to 


behind your dreams of business is more than just a job

you have a purpose and are creating something helpful and life-changing

you have the freedom for family time instead of asking permission for a ONE week vacation

you don't have to watch every nickel and dime or avoid looking at your bank account  

you have complete charge over your income, and people love to work with you...and pay you well

But you're  

You’ve tried different strategies and everyone’s ideas business just isn’t working. You know your business is unique so shouldn’t your strategy be too, right?

Sales gives you that queasy feeling in your stomach. You don’t want to come off as that sleazy sales person. How though, do you help others and get paid well for your gifts?

You're tired of chasing your tail in business. You feel like you are missing something and that maybe that next course will do the trick, it has to!


OMG, I feel all of this!


and I am

an Energy Healer and Business Mentor. 


Hi there, my name is

I've been in the entrepreneurship space for 10 years. 

I started out in the cosmetology world. Building a lash business, built a team, even took on a business partner at one point. However, I always felt like something was missing. No matter how hard I worked or money I made I still struggled and was barely getting by.

And as a single mother I felt like I was always spinning my wheels to try and provide a good life for my 2 kids. I realized I had a lots of the same patterns in business and in life.

I began to just listen to the nudges (hello, intuition) and follow what felt like the next right step, even if it didn't make sense.

I started my first online business and had a good amount of success but again was noticing a lot of the same problems. Which is when I really started to learn into healing practices. I then sought out a healer and began working on my balancing energetic body for other reasons like toxic relationship patterns, physical pain and poor health.

As I began to balance my energy, my business began to transform.

I started to apply a lot of healing practices with my clients as well and sure enough their business started to take off. This is how I developed the methods that I teach in the Energetics of Entrepreneurship.  

When you begin to heal from the root, your energy, everything in your world including your business comes into alignment. Creating more impact and abundance in your business than you ever thought possible. 

I'm ready to have this kind of massive transformation in my business!

Imagine if...

You woke up in a hotel, somewhere you've been dying to go, and booked a stay for over two weeks where you were able to go to the best restaurants and explore. Not one thought crossed your mind about if you could afford it or if it was going to deplete your savings because you have more than enough money and your business can sustain itself while you still enjoy your life!

You had a business that was built for flexibility so you were able to go to all your kid’s school functions, sports and take them on fun lunch dates every once and a while because you create your own schedule and built your business to support you in living your life and actually enjoying it.

You stopped giving up and doubting your dreams and desires to create this new life for yourself and it TOOK OFF! Your life at this time next year looks like working 4 hours a day, spending money on luxury items, like that designer bag you've had your eye on without a second thought, and feel no guilt about any of it. You aren't overwhelmed, anxious, or burnt out. You’re living a RICH life!



Sounds like a

All of these have been realities for past students of the Energetics of Entrepreneurship. I see you, you’re ready! Let’s get started.

Energetics of Entrepreneurship

A 10 week group coaching program that allows you to create a business that supports you and supports your life. You are ready to stop trying all the things that leave you still operating out of old belief systems and vibrations. I hear you saying it.. 

I’m ready, let’s do this!


Here's what you'll get when you enroll!

Over 30 modules going over all the necessary parts of business and which energy center (or chakra) feeds that part of your business. Including sales, social media and how to navigate it to support you and not drain you, CEO practices, working through limiting beliefs, curating an offer that supports your energy and gets you WILD transformations from your clients, contracts and all the legal stuff you need to know to operate, how to build out a masterclass or freebie to entice you soulmate clients, and spiritual practices to support you and your soul.

Weekly Live sessions where we go over how to sync up your business with moon cycles, manifesting like a pro, Q&A’s, and blocks in business, plus so much more.

PDF’s that you can use in your business to create consistency in not just content but also cash!

1 Virtual Healing session where we go in and uncover low vibrational beliefs that have been holding you back and then bring all your chakras into balance.

1 Soulful Strategy Session where I help you personally curate a plan for your business based on your unique energy.

Enroll right now

A group Voxer where we can all celebrate and help everyone with anything sticky that comes up during our time together. Its the age of aquarius and collaboration and connection is key.

Meditations to help support you in your healing journey that you can use at any time.

Read what my

are saying:


“Biggest takeaway from the Soul-FULL Embodiment School is Honoring what comes up through my body/energy. I love how quantum physics are interwoven through this course, truly speaks to my mind.”

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Enroll now for $3,333 

Your purchase includes: 30+ Modules ($4,500 value); PDF’s to help support you in navigating the language and strategy in business ($777 value); Group Voxer for the 10 weeks ($888 value); Meditations to support you in your healing and growing ($111 value); Soulful Strategy ($555 value); and a Healing session…bringing this to a total value of $6831.

I'm ready to save $666 & pay in full!


Sign me up with a payment plan!

This is for you if:

You have tried other programs but you business is still stagnant and there are no sales on the horizon.

You have so many ideas but can’t seem to stick with one long enough to see the results of all your incredible ideas get people the results they so badly want.

You have a hard time creating consistency in your life.

This is not for you if:

You have a business that is bringing you in 5K months consistently and you feel so much ease when it comes to finding and maintaining client relationships.

If you have all the systems in your business down pact and your business makes you money in your sleep so you are reading this on a boat in the carribean. 



Here's the

You're struggling with finding your soulmate clients, getting them to pay you and creating any kind of consistency in your income but you are meant for so much more! Your life can be different but you need to do more than just a strategy that worked for some business person. You need to build your business in alignment with your highest and best self.

If you are ready to stop letting life, opportunities and money pass you by then you are ready for the Energetics of Entrepreneurship.

Read what my

are saying:


"When I started I was having problems with sales...because really they were non existent lol. I wasn't sure how to cultivate relationships to the point of being able to invite them into my programs. I was also suffering from a lot of pain in my hip region. After going through the sacral chakra module and putting some of the things Shalane recommended not only did I start to get really good at sales but I also my pain started to diminish. This is so much more than a business program. This is living your best life and living your purpose program. Forever grateful I took the plunge."

Jen Dewey


What if I can’t make the LIVE sessions?

They are recorded and available to you for the duration of the course.

Do I get lifetime access to the course?

Yes, All of the modules are your for life hunny!

Can I save my healing & strategy sessions for after the program?

No, they must be used during the duration of the course (preferably at the beginning so you can start your healing right away).

Do you have payment plans available?

Sure, do but you get a better deal if you pay in full ;)

What kind of results can I anticipate in my business? 

That all depends on you. How much are you putting into your healing, implementing all the tools? That's how much you’ll get out of it.