An Energy Healer and Business mentor who has taken the spiritual woo-woo world and made it practical and the secret weapon in growing businesses which allow women to step out of the hustle culture and embrace their natural flow to create abundant businesses that support their lives and families.

Shalane Carter

When I started my career in cosmetology I thought             I’d love it for the rest of

my life and the freedom of making my own schedule was so alluring.

for sure

After becoming a single mother of two, living with my family and barely making ends meet I knew something had to change because I was struggling financially, emotionally, and physically.

I had this passion to help others thrive and feel like the best versions of themselves but where I was at felt more like a glass ceiling that was meant to be broken. I knew I was meant for more.

Does this sound familiar?

When I started my career in cosmetology I thought               I’d love it for the rest of my life and
the freedom of making my own schedule was so alluring.

for sure


When I first started my own business it took off, I started in the cosmetology industry offering eyelash extension services. I built my clientele so quickly that within 6 months I was already building my team.

It continued to grow and was bringing in 6 figures a year. I found myself loving my clients but dreading the work itself.

My story...


I knew I was onto something though and so I started building my second business, online this time in health and fitness. It also grew quickly.

I was really helping people but I found that it was more than just wellness that I was helping them with. I was helping them change their lives!

Which led to…


One of my clients, who was a healer, said to me at one appointment, “Do you know what you’re doing Shalane? I can feel it, you’re helping to shift the energy in my body and help heal. This is why you have such a great clientele.”

I started implementing energy healing techniques that I had been using on myself and my clients' transformation accelerated.

This changed it all…


The more I worked with entrepreneurs the more I made correlations between what was going on in their energetic body (their chakra system) and business.

Which is when I started helping entrepreneurs, like yourself, heal and balance their chakra systems, follow their purpose and build businesses that keep their energy in alignment and get paid for their gifts.

Then things took off…

read again

I'm committed to helping others follow their purpose and get paid really well for their services. I know now that all those years lead me to my true purpose, helping others build businesses that give them the freedom, impact and income to make their dreams a reality.

And now…


Meet my



CFO’s- Chief FUN Officers

Duties: Always making sure mom doesn’t work too hard and takes snack break with them


CNO - Chief Napping Officer

Duties: Nap somewhere close by, but never too close, napping


OBMM - Online Business Mom Manager

Duties: Jobs include following mom around, seeing if I can “help”, and cleaning up any crumbs mom drops


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